Wednesday, December 17, 2008

by mark

When Beth proposed the idea of starting a blog about us as a married couple, I thought it was a brilliant idea. I figured that a blog like this was filled with tons of creative and thoughtful potential. Why? Well, for several reasons. Firstly, and most practically, so that we can keep friends and family updated about our plans and happenings. Secondly, this blog may serve as an outlet for observations about married life. Beth and I have been swimming upstream since the beginning. Often observers say, "hey, why are you swimmin' that way? Its easier to go thata' way." We almost always have good explanations for why, but hardly enough time.

Wes Waugh / Bear Trail Studio "Salmon Upstream"

Other then that, I think this will be a fun place to post photos/videos as we journey into some new territory. We have been doing our best to find where our greatest passions and the world's greatest needs meet. As for now, we seem to be at the crossroads of our greatest need (financial stability) and our greatest dispassion (corporate/retail employment). We are learning valuable lessons of responsibility, independence, and patience, which come at the price of dealing with feelings of loneliness, fatigue, and a detachment from moral/social convictions.

I suppose we all have these periods in our lives. These necessary speedbumps, that keep us humble and mindful of our worldly adult responsibilities. The beauty in all of it is that we have gone through this together, in our very first year of marriage. Which gives an explanation for the title of our blog "I will go there with you." Beth and I have grown to sympathize with the oppression of the Native peoples of America, and so we found it fitting to use a Native phrase as a title for this blog.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope this becomes a valuable resource for everoyone involved.