Monday, February 9, 2009

Things are coming together for us with Denver. We have a name for the community, "The Hazelnut Community." Although we have known this for quite some time, we have yet to tell most people. The name fell into place beautifully. The name of the street where the community homes are located is Hazel Court...this got us thinking...

What role has a hazelnut had in the Christian church?

Julian of Norwich had a series of 15 visions at the end of a week long medical ordeal which lead her to contemplate the Passion of Christ. In one of these visions a hazelnut appeared in her hand, she writes of this vision:

"And with this insight he also showed me a little thing, the size of a hazelnut, lying in the palm of my hand. It seemed to me as round as a ball. I gazed at it and thought, ‘What can this be?’ The answer came thus, ‘It is everything that is made.’ I marveled how this could be, for it was so small it seemed it might fall suddenly into nothingness. Then I heard the answer, ‘It lasts, and ever shall last, because God loves it. All things have their being in this way by the grace of God.’"

As we prepare for life together, which has been quite difficult as of late, we hold on to the idea that "it"--being our small community-- will last because God loves it. We know that only by the grace of God can this idea of community exist.

So Hazelnut it is...stay posted!