Thursday, May 21, 2009

As you may have guessed, Beth and I are extremely busy getting ready to leave for Denver. We are growing more and more excited as we see our pile of boxes growing. Seeing the pile grow assures us that we are making progress, and continually reminds us of where we are soon going.

Our last day of work is May 31st, we have a few days to finish packing and to see friends and family, then we pick up the moving truck on June 3rd. Depending on how quickly the truck is packed, we may or may not leave on the 3rd to head out to Pittsburgh. We will spend two days in Pittsburgh, saying hi and goodbye to Beth's friends and family. On June 6th Beth and her mom fly from Pittsburgh to Denver, while Beth's dad and I start driving our huge truck to Denver.

Wow. Its here everybody. Our time in PA is coming to a close.