Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We're coming at you from all sides. For those of you who have facebook accounts, you can become a member of the Hazelnut Community Group. Here is the link:


Awesome. I'm not too sure what form and function this will take on, but for now you can see pictures of all of us and stay up to date with what is going on. One picture in particular is important, Greg and Marilyn who are technically our landlords, but way more then that. They are pictured in the gallery posted on the page. Check it out. Feel free to ask questions either here or there.


Right now Beth and I are working like crazy. Strangely (and thankfully) our places of employment seem largely unaffected by the "economic crisis."

There is talk about plans for moving, like U-Hauls and airplanes. We've waited a long time just to feel the closeness of this move, and its here. As we slowly lean into this we know that before long we will be rushing around, how exciting.

Thanks for reading.

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