Monday, August 10, 2009

Again, we both apologize for this extended period of silence, especially for those of you who look to this blog to stay posted on our doings here in CO.

We have been in CO now for two and a half months, we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary on August 2nd, and our work situation is just the same as it was back in Pennsylvania.

We have been making significant progress in figuring out what daily life at Hazelnut is going to look like. This "significant" progress only seems significant in light of how many other things are competing for our time. We have decided on several order to distribute the work load of having a massive garden, we have each volunteered to take a day of the week to really focus on the garden. This works out perfectly since there are seven of us. We have also decided to meet every Tuesday morning for morning prayer and to read a chapter from one of the gospels. We now meet every Thursday for dinner and some kind of fun time after. On Wednesday we all gather at a local church for a potluck. Every Tuesday is committed for a community dinner and a meeting after that.

It is only fitting that we are still making baby steps.

There are hundreds of tomatoes in the garden. Hundreds.

I hope to post some more photos some time soon. For those of you on Facebook, check us out there too...we are better at updating photos there :)

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