Friday, May 14, 2010

Another one of those massive updates...

Our visit to Portland was just the beginning of the good news to come our way! Our interviews went well, and we were able to get a good feel of the city and some of it's surroundings. The position Mark interviewed for, was open before we could make a move to Portland, so we decided it would be best to pass it up. There is a possibility that another position may open, but it seems like God may have something even better than we could have ever expected in store for us! Mark is headed to Portland, June 11-13th for another interview, this time with a Quaker church for a youth pastor position! He's one of the top 3 candidates, and we are really praying he gets the position! We both feel like the church would be a perfect fit for us, and we'd finally be able to get back into Youth Ministry, one of our greatest passions.

Beth will begin her new job as an assistant at a small home-based Montessori school in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood in August! She is beyond thrilled! There are a few details that need to come together with the school, but we are trusting that everything works out.

Our search for a place to live has also proved to be fruitful! Mark posted an ad on Craigslist, and shortly after we were contacted by a family who has a basement apartment in their home for rent! It was exactly what we were looking for! There is even a fenced in back yard where Oliver can play along with their black Lab! Mark is hoping to stop by and meet with the family while he's in Portland and give them part of our deposit. They were so gracious to wait for us, as the apartment has been empty for over a month already. We're looking to move in July, so keep you all posted once we pick a date!

Here are some great shots from our trip of the gorgeous land we are looking forward to calling home!

The Columbia River Gorge is about 20-30 minutes from Portland! We got to see lots of great waterfalls along the river, and you just wouldn't believe the gorgeous colors of green that blanket everything in the forest!

This was taken at Ecola State Park, near Cannon Beach, OR, just an hour and a half from Portland, OR!

I'm sure it's not hard to see just why our hearts have been in Oregon ever since the first time we stepped foot there! And If you've been around us enough, you know that we talk about our experiences in Oregon A LOT! It's been "home" to us ever since, and we are truly excited to be able to make it our physical home.


We celebrated Oliver's 1st birthday on April 3rd! He's adorable and ornery as ever!
(And continues to grow like a weed!)

Isn't he handsome!


Beth continues to knit, and has been knitting up lots of baby hats for our friends back on the East Coast that are expecting! She's been knitting from patterns, but hopes to come up with her own design soon to post on her Etsy shop! She has also started getting paid to clean a couple homes, as well as a local church. It's really helping us save up for the big move to Portland, and she actually kind of enjoys it!

Beth calls this "Stitch and Pitch," knitting at a Rockies game!


Ladies and gentlemen, the hair is gone!

And Beth got a trim and some side bangs. :-)


With the start of baseball season, Mark has really enjoyed keeping up with his Fantasy League team, and of course rooting on his Phils! We got to go see game 1 of their series against the Rockies with some of our favorite Denver people! The Phils won of course! :-) Unfortunately games 2 and 3 got cancelled due to weather... but we're looking forward to going to one of the makeup games!

Adam and Joe

Carrie, Mal, Brit, and Me

They're all one reason we'll be sad to leave, Denver. We love them all so much!

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  1. Lots of good news and good possibilities! :)

    Happy Birthday, Oliver!