Saturday, January 17, 2009


There are memories that dwell within us. It only takes a glance at photo to resurrect the feelings of pure happiness and nostalgia at the same time. Its hard to believe that we have done some of the things we have, namely road tripping up and down the northern California/southern Oregon coast. Stopping to enjoy a burrito a few hours north of San Francisco, then continuing the journey for another six hours. The fog and mist that hangs over the northwestern pacific pines and redwoods. Those massive trees that stand so tall and strong all the way up to the waters edge. They seem to hold onto that grayness, that pine/cedar saturated air so well until of course you sink below it, and your rented vehicle rounds the corner to the sun setting over the great Pacific.

Tents, of course, are harder to set up in the dark. Tent stakes, of course, are harder to pound into the hard ground without a hammer. Keeping warm, of course, is always easier in a two person tent with a loved one, especially when your hearts are warm with your honeymoon doubling as a homecoming.

There are places in the world where blackberries grow plump, and juicy. It just so happens that those places have no restrictions when it comes to using your God given hands to pick as many as your stomach desires. go figure. Welp, we found em' and we ate that whole dang bag full until our fingers turned purple and our stomachs begged for mercy. ha!

There are places in the world where trees grow so big that you have to wonder how them loggers didn't realize that they were so special that they were gosh darn sacred! Welp, some godly folks realized their sacredness and decided that they should at least save one or two groves. Luckily they still stand, and welp we found them too! And we hugged and gazed until our hearts couldn't take it anymore. ha!

There are places in the world that are dreamlands. Sometimes we spend more then a few days there. Luckily for us, we spent a few months in ours. It just so happens that our dreamland is our home, and we came back home for a few days. The great thing about places of your dreams is when you revisit they are exactly the same. ha!

And so we spent many days reading and wondering why trees don't grow like that back East. And at night, with our window cracked, the northwest wind would bring in its own dusty, juniper air and it would blow right past the freshly picked lavender. Have you ever smelled such a thing?

It is possible and sometimes necessary to leave your dreamland, even if it hurts you more then anything at the time. And so we did. We left Lincoln, OR, we left the great silence and solitude of the Cascade mountains, and entered back into the city. This transisition is only possible if of course you are heading to the greatest city in the whole united states, San Francisco. Yep.

There are places in this world (namely San Francisco) where you can walk around all day and feel like you've seen a representation of almost everybody in this whole wide world! San Francisco has a grit to it. Its intrigue and strangeness attract wondering souls. I guess that's why we love it too. We like to be there with all the others who are trying to figure this all out. And this all seemed like a necessary transition back into what others have called "the real world."

But of course we had to finish it where it all started. Burritos. (Namely from the Mission District)
Have you every tasted such a thing?

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