Tuesday, January 13, 2009

There is something deeply sacred about a circle. Native American cultures understood this better then anyone. They understood that actions they took within this circle are actions that will be felt either positively or negatively later on. Fortunately for them they found ways to act within the circle that whatever came back around was almost always good.

Colonies of insects have this written into their genes. Scientists have studied communities of ants and have noticed that there is a complex system of composting, and waste removal. Within this system there is zero waste, and the ants create for themselves a completely sustainable system providing food and nourishment for the whole colony.

What will this look like in community?

Can you see the beauty in a urban landscape, which produces little to no waste? Where washing machine water is filtered through aquaculture systems, which provide food for humans and fish, and then is stored in barrels for gardening and watering. Can you imagine a system of composting where all food scraps are used to create nutrient rich soil. Can you imagine a system of insects cultures fed through food scraps, which in turn feed chickens, which in turn provides eggs for food?

I can imagine it. I can see the beauty. I want to see it happen. :)

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