Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brandon Berglund

Dear friends and family,

Two of the members of our community, Brianna and Sean Friend and her family have received devastating news this morning. Brianna's brother, Brandon, a cancer survivor, was found unconscious in his bed following breakfast and his morning shower last Wednesday. He was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, and has remained unconscious since. After numerous tests over the last five days and an MRI this morning, his neurosurgeon informed their family that Brandon has suffered a catastrophic stroke in his mid-brain near the sight of his original tumor and surgeries. Due to the level of injuries, the doctor has informed their family that Brandon will not be capable of coming out of this coma.

Please keep the Berglund family in your thoughts and prayers, especially today as they gather around Brandon in prayer and then tomorrow as they meet with the palliative care doctor to learn about their options around medical care for Brandon from this point forward.

The Berguld family has become very dear to us, and Brandon has been a huge imspiration in his struggle to survive cancer, treatment and mulitple disabilities. In the breif moments we have spent time with him, his joy and love for life and others has shown brighly.


  1. Thinking of the Bergulds and you at this time...

  2. Emma,

    Thanks so much. Beth and I appreciate how you continually read and respond to our writings here. Thanks again.


  3. I was just thinking about Brandon and wondering how he was doing. I havent seen or talked to him since highschool. I did a google search to find him and I found this page. I wish I had kept in better contact with him. He is an amazing person that I will never forget!

    -Michelle Kirby