Friday, June 5, 2009

Well, Beth and I have begun our Westward journey. We left Lancaster yesterday (Thursday) around 8am and arrived in Pittsburgh around 12pm. We are visiting Beth's family and friends for a couple days before leaving officially for Denver on Saturday. Curt (Beth's dad) and I are driving our 22ft moving truck both Saturday and Sunday, hopefully arriving in Denver on Sunday night. Beth and her mom are flying on Saturday.

It was tough saying goodbye. Its interesting how this all worked out...we made a tough decision to hang back in PA for another year, instead of making the initial move last May. At the time, the prospect of living in PA when we could be starting our married lives together in CO was saddening and frustrating. Yet, for some reason, we felt like it was the most responsible decision to make.

Looking back on this year we are proud of the decision we made. We spent this last year preparing for our move, making sure our finances were in order. We also found and formed some of the greatest friendships we have ever had. Despite all of our moral convictions about the corporate world, we looked beyond those convictions to see the people who live and work in that world day in and day out. We quickly found in all of them beauty, joy, support and trust. And so saying goodbye during those last few days was very very difficult.

We are also saying goodbye to family. Moving away from families who have loved and supported us so much throughout our years together is obviously tough. We can only hope that we can be
as present as possible in their lives, even though we are 1700 miles away.

So please check back to stay posted on our journey, I will be posting photos of our new home as soon as I get them!

Oh yea, why not go ahead and plan a trip to Denver? We would love to have you stay over with us!

caption: Mark's family (left to right) sister Aly, brother Brandon, Beth, Mark, brother Dustin, and sister Amanda!

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  1. I'm looking forward to how your story unfolds!